Koloa Kauai Longest Zipline

Koloa Zipline isn’t your average course on Kauai; this excursion takes you down eight thrilling lines, including three of the longest on the island! Each line, from the moment you step off the platform, features its own exciting view of the Garden Isle.


The 3.5-hour tour is an breathtaking experience from start to finish. For visitors who aren’t used to ziplining, the tour starts off with a fun learning sesson to ensure everyone is comfortable before strapping in for the real deal. The Ground School gets you familiar with the equipment and teaches you how to handle the harness and handlebar pulleys so you can relax and truly enjoy the experience.


Want to get fancy down each of the eight lines, including the half-mile-long Waita line? The Ground School shows you how to perform zipline “aerobatics” in Koloa Zipline’s Flyin’ Kauaian harness. The specially-made harness lets you you soar hands-free like a superhero, and in many other exciting positions for a safe ride that’s sure to get your adrenaline pumping!


No matter how you decide to enjoy this thrill ride, you do it against the backdrop of the stunning South Shore of Kauai. When you launch from the first platform, you head toward the 22,000 acres of the first sugar plantation in Hawaii. It’s a bit of history mixed in with the high-flying excitement that shows just how important Kauai was in the history of the Hawaiian Islands.

Per Person: $159.00